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Comedy in the Finger Lakes

Comedy night in the Finger Lakes

Trumansburg is the place for comedy! We have comedy on Thursdays in Trumansburg. Every second and third Thursday of the month, Cedarwood Event Venue is the place for Open Mic night, showcasing the incredible comedic talent of the Finger Lakes. It is one of the many locations that Comedy on the Commons operates. 

In the heart of upstate New York, the Finger Lakes region is known for its wine, waterfalls, and lakes. The people of the Finger Lakes are known for academics, farming, and environmental friendliness. In the center of the Finger Lakes is Trumansburg - a town that contains all of the nature and all of the people, and now, with a thriving comedy scene.


Comedy Night: 

Every second and third Thursday of the month, the Cedarwood Event Venue transforms into a hub of hilarity as it hosts an Open Mic night specifically geared to comedy. 

Cedarwood's Comedy Stage:

The stage at Cedarwood becomes a platform for aspiring comedians to share their wit and humor with an enthusiastic audience. Cedarwood Event Venue focuses on events - it is NOT a bar - so patrons who come to comedy night are specifically there for comedy. Which means that it's EASIER to get the attention of the crowd. The intimate setting of the venue creates a unique and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect space for both seasoned comedians and newcomers to test their comedic chops. 


Finger Lakes Comedians:

The Finger Lakes region has always been a breeding ground for creativity, and its comedy scene is no exception. Homegrown comedians bring a distinct flavor to the performances, often incorporating local anecdotes and references that resonate with the audience. These comedians use their humor to explore the quirks and idiosyncrasies of small-town life, creating a shared experience that brings the community together in laughter. From tales of navigating the region's unpredictable weather to poking fun at the laid-back lifestyle, Trumansburg's comedians infuse their acts with a genuine, relatable charm that keeps the audience coming back for more.  The supportive and inclusive environment at Cedarwood Event Venue encourages emerging comedians to take risks and push the boundaries of their creativity. Audience members, too, play a crucial role in fostering a positive atmosphere, cheering on local talent and embracing the joy that comedy brings. The comedy community in Trumansburg extends beyond the stage, with regulars and newcomers alike bonding over shared laughter and the love of humor.

Comedy in the Finger Lakes

Trumansburg's comedy nights also provide a unique opportunity to experience the local flavor of the Finger Lakes. Beyond the humor, comedians often weave in elements of regional culture, highlighting the distinctive charm of the area. Whether it's poking fun at the intricacies of wine tasting etiquette or playfully ribbing the local festivals, the comedy scene in Trumansburg becomes a mirror reflecting the community's character.


In turn, the laughter generated at these events becomes a celebration of the Finger Lakes spirit, showcasing the region's ability to find joy in the everyday and embrace the lighter side of life. It's a testament to the resilience and warmth of the people who call Trumansburg and the Finger Lakes home.


Whether it's a clever one-liner, a hilarious anecdote, or an expertly crafted punchline, the comedians in Trumansburg excel at crafting moments that transcend the mundane and offer a respite from the ordinary. In this sense, the comedy scene becomes a vital part of the community's well-being, promoting mental health and fostering a sense of collective joy.


The future looks bright for comedy in the Finger Lakes, with Cedarwood Event Venue poised to host even more laughter-filled evenings. As the word spreads about the unique charm and talent emanating from Trumansburg's comedy nights, it's likely that more comedians will be drawn to the region, and the audience will continue to expand.

Guest Comedians:

While we gushed about the local talent in the Finger Lakes, we DID host a celebrity at Cedarwood Event Venue! In November 2023, we hosted nationally known comedian Kevin Farley. The room was completely packed and we had an awesome time! 

We welcome out of town comedians! For Open Mic or heck, we'll host a show for ya if you want us to. Shoot us an email, we'll work something out. And we'll do our best to make it a THURSDAY. Because that's what we do in Trumansburg on Thursdays - we do comedy. 

Stand Up Comedy in the Finger Lakes

So, if you find yourself in the Finger Lakes region and are in need of a good laugh, make your way to Trumansburg's Cedarwood Event Venue on a Thursday night. Join the community, embrace the humor rooted in local life, and experience firsthand the joy that comedy brings to this charming corner of upstate New York. You might just leave with a heart full of laughter and a newfound appreciation for the Finger Lakes' comedic side.

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