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Bar Interior

We'll bring the bar to you! 

We can customize your bar package to the needs of your event. We provide all alcohol catering for New Park, but we can cater events at other properties as well! Just let us know and give us ample time to get the off-site license (at least a month). 

and some super special add-ons

and non-alc will not be an afterthought

Beer Bottles

To make it simple, we'll bring bottles and cans for your beer, cider, and hard seltzer choices. We can make the selections together. 

Image by Jeff Siepman

We can add 3 wines, (at least one white and one red) to the package. Wines are selected by Cedarwood, but special requests are possible. 

Can be a cash bar add-on

Image by Mae Mu

We can add vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, and rum, with plenty of mixer options. (We don't serve shots or neat). 

Can be a cash bar add-on

Image by Edward Howell

We can premiumize the spirits selection. This can be done by a package level, or with individual special requests.

Cash bar add-ons are possible

Image by Alexander Naglestad

We can add on a champagne toast! (Ok it's probably going to be sparkling wine, but who says "sparkling wine toast"?)

We can bring it out timed perfectly to the toast. 


We can make a customized cocktail that fits the personality of your event. We can customize something for you or take requests! 

Image by Ecaterina Tanase

We will provide the sparkling wine, plus orange, peach, and cranberry juices, plus fruit and herb garnishes.

Bloody Mary

We will provide the vodka and tomato juice, plus a variety of toppings, i.e. celery, pickles, hot sauce, etc.


We will always have plain iced water, but we'll also have an assortment of flavored waters with garnishes. 

Image by Food Photographer

We can also provide sparkling waters and sodas in cans. 


We will go all out making non-alcoholic beverages that are more than just juice! 

Image by Clay Banks

And of course, we'll offer coffee and tea with assorted sugars. Upon request, we can probably whip up some special coffees also

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