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Thursday IS Comedy night in Trumansburg!

You know how Wednesday nights in Trumansburg are synonymous with Atlas Bowl's Trivia Night? We love that! We want THURSDAYS to be synonymous with COMEDY in Trumansburg.

Here's our plan:

Host an open mic night every other Thursday

Local comics perfect their craft while the rest of us crack up

Add in some comedy shows - Kevin Farley is coming Nov 2!

Grow our comedy audience so that we can host comedy shows every other Thursday

Before you know it...EVERY Thursday is comedy night at Cedarwood

Then what would happen...

Our local comics have super sharp skills and widen their audience, getting in front of more and more people. Before you know it, our local comics are repping Trumansburg at the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Comedy Cellar comics start hearing about this Trumansburg place more and more..."maybe we should check out this Trumansburg place". We start to attract bigger and bigger names for our comedy shows, and those comics start coming to open mic too. Our open mics become famous for being a feeder into the broader comedy scene. Comedy Central wants to do a feature on Trumansburg...and the rest is history!

Evil plan right? Be part of it. Come to Cedarwood every second and fourth Thursday!!

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